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Gyor Distillery Co. Ltd. located in western Hungarian city Gyõr been playing a determinant role in the alcohol market of the region since it was founded in 1884. Our main activity is the production and sale of extra neutral ethanol, dehydrated ethanol in high quality.

Gyor Distillery is the supplier of all big Hungarian and regional pharmaceutical companies - which is very sensitive to quality - but we also present with considerable positions in the food- and in the chemical industry.

The annual capacity of the plant is 40 million liters of fermented and distilled ethanol and 60 million liters of dehydrated ethanol. Gyor Distillery mainly uses molasses as feedstock but we have a capacity to produce ethanol from grain, too. We sell the vinasse and the residue of grain processing, the by-products of alcohol production, for agricultural and biogas companies.

In our own laboratory we use the most modern analyzing methods. In 1996, we implemented the ISO 9002-based quality management system, among the very first companies in Hungary. Then in 2002, we upgraded it according to the new international standard (ISO 9001-2000).

Toward the best coordination for our environmental activity, in 1998, we attained the ISO 14001 international EMS standard, what we reformed in 2005, according to the ISO 14001:2004 regulation.