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Product Implementation
Ethanol 96%, neutral Spirits industry, Cosmetic industry
Ethanol 96%, PhEUR, USP Pharmaceutical industry
Ethanol 96% Chemical industry
Dehydrated ethanol, neutral Cosmetic industry
Dehydrated ethanol, PhEUR, USP Pharmaceutical industry
Dehydrated ethanol Chemical industry
Bioethanol, dehydrated ethanol
with low water content
Fuel industry

Denaturated ethanol
We are offering denaturated ethanol with any requested denaturating agent.
The following list shows the most important standards of denaturation:

Raw material Denaturated by
Ethanol 96% Methyl-ethyl-ketone, Methyl-isobuthyl-ketone, Bitrex
Ethanol 96% Methyl-ethyl-ketone, Bitrex
Ethanol 96% Isoprophyl-alcohol, Terc-butanol, Bitrex
Dehydrated ethanol Methyl-ethyl-ketone, Methyl-isobuthyl-ketone, Bitrex
Dehydrated ethanol Methyl-ethyl-ketone, Bitrex
Dehydrated ethanol Isoprophyl-alcohol, Terc-butanol, Bitrex