The Company

The Company

Győr Distillery, owned by a Hungarian family, has been producing and refining high-quality alcohol since 1884. Our most important customers besides pharmaceutical companies and cosmetics manufacturers, are the drink industry and vinegar manufacturers, as well as companies producing paints, varnishes, foils and plastics.

Since its foundation in 1884, Győr Distillery and Refinery Co. Ltd., located in the city of Győr in western Hungary, has been a major player of the market for alcohol in the region.

Its main activity is the production and selling of extra neutral alcohol and dehydrated spirit.

The distillery is easily accessible by road from the highway, and it has its own railway sidings providing an opportunity for the transport of goods directly by rail.

Győr Distillery is the supplier of major pharmaceutical companies of Hungary and of the region, as well as of leading producers from the chemical and cosmetics industries.

The yearly production capacity of the company is 40 million liters of rectified spirit and it has 60 million liters annual dehydrating capacity.

As feedstock, Győr Distillery mainly uses molasses.

We sell vinasse, by-product of alcohol production, in agriculture and for biogas plants.

We apply up-to-date analytical methods in our laboratory. Our company has been possessing the quality assurance certification of ISO 9001 since 1996, while the certification in environmental management of ISO 14001 since 1998.

40 million liters

rectified spirit

60 million liters

dehydrating capacity