Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Our strategic market is the pharmaceutical industry. We offer ethyl alcohol, fermented from sugar beet molasses and cereals and rectified for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our alcohol products fully comply with the requirements of pharmaceutical industry (Ph.EUR.; USP). During production, we follow directives of GMP. Our laboratory is well-equipped with up-to-date equipment and with highly qualified employees, which guarantee the production of high-quality alcohol for pharmaceutical industry.

In particular, we recommend our products in the pharmaceutical industry:

  • For the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients;
  • As technological intermedier;
  • For the preparation of tinctures.

Recommended products:

  • Rectified spirit: Ethanol of 96%;
  • Dehydrated spirit: Ethanol of 99%.

Sizes of transported items:

  • Road tank car (2000-30000 liters),
  • IBC containers (1000 liters),
  • metal drums (200 liters).

We conduct transportation through highly experienced subcontractors.

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